Thursday, November 15, 2007

This blog has 2 parts...

First, yesterday my Tica mom invited the neighbors over to pray the rosary. Yep. She just invited the neighbors over, got dressed up, prepared "aguadulce," a typical hot drink here, and they all prayed the rosary in thanks for everything God has provided. My Tica family is Catholic, but they don't go to church. So I found it interesting that this is how my Tica mom and neighbors spent their afternoon. When she told me, I thought I misunderstood her spanish, because this is such a cultural difference. But it was interesting, and I thought I should share.

Second, with only 3 weeks left, I am finally feeling a part of my family here. I always felt welcome, just as a guest though. Now I truly feel as though I am another daughter in the family, which is a great, reassuring feeling. When I leave school, I truly feel like I am going to my home. I feel comfortable in the city here, and I can go places by myself without a doubt in my spanish skills or confidence in getting around here. I can't believe we have only 3 weeks left! I know I will be ready to go home, but I also know it will be with fond memories and a connection to this place.


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