Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is a beautiful place on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This destination is very touristy and "americanized;" it is the quintessential image most Americans think of when they picture Costa Rica. Almost everyone speaks English, which was frustrating at times as we are all struggling to keep up with our Spanish. Although, honestly, we all needed a break from the overwhelming feeling of learning another language 24/7.

The weather cooperated adn we were able to spend a lot of time shopping and walking around the small downtown area. We watched the sunset on the beach and spent a lot of time here during the day enjoying the waves and the relaxing atmosphere. Our hotel was beautiful and our backyard looked like an exotic picture out of a magazine. There were iguanas and colorful flowers and beautiful trees. We were able to see iguanas and other animals like monkeys, sloths, spiders, and crocodiles while hiking through the National Park at Manuel Antonio. We also had a great time lounging at the pool, where the monkeys joined us one afternoon!

Manuel Antonio is a beautiful place to visit, and I highly recommend it to anyone. However, do not miss out on the different aspects of Costa Rica that extend beyond the stereotypical beach, paradise vacation!

-Kim Hultslander

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