Thursday, September 27, 2007

Isla Tortuga!

So while the rest of the class was trekking through the wilderness in search of rare species of bugs, Caitlin and I decided to take relaxing break from school work and go on a tour of Isla Tortuga off the coast of Puntarenas.

It was absolutely amazing, definitely one of the best things Ive done here. They came to get us from San Jose and took us to board the boat. Then we took an hour and a half boat ride to this little island shaped like a turtle which is how it got its name. We went snorkeling for about an hour an saw tons of tropical fish an soon as we got back in the boat 2 humpback whales swam up! We couldn't believe it - it was really scary but so cool, it was a mom and a baby and the baby kept jumping out of the water to get oxygen! After the best lunch Ive had in Costa Rica, where we fed wild hogs that were walking around the beach (gross, but funny) we lounged on the beach for the afternoon and enjoyed the day before we took the boat back and saw all these cute little fishing villages. It was such a beautiful day and we got lucky that it didn't rain until late in the afternoon. I am looking forward to more relaxing days and the exciting experiences all over Costa Rica.

Cullen Pitler

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