Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Key to Having Fun is Having Your Keys!

A short fun story I've been meaning to share:

A few weeks back after a long day trip to Cartago I was really glad to be home. I remember throwing down my things and then heading out the door to visit a lady down the street, my tica mom’s mom, and then my friend Cullen. But just as soon as I heard the door click behind me I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. I quickly dug threw my pockets hoping to hear my keys jingle but only came out with a handful of heavy colones coins.


I tried to relax…I thought, “Ok, I will just go down the street to my tica mom’s mother’s house, get some other keys and then let myself back in.” But as I approached the outside gate it hit me that I also needed my keys to get OUT of the garage! Now not only could I not get in my house, but I couldn’t get out; I was stuck in my caged-in garage. So I sat on the garage steps at 4:30pm and thought it wouldn’t be long before my tica mom arrived home as she usually got home by 3:00pm on Thursdays. Unfortunately an hour passed…and then another…and the rain came…it got a little cooler….the street dogs barked for a while…the old lady next door came out and spoke a mile a minute in spanish to me and went back inside….and I waited. I tried to sleep on the steps but I couldn’t because every time I moved a sensory light came on in the garage.

I had heard the phone ring several times inside my house and I knew it was my friend trying to call about going to a movie later in the night. Later she rang my doorbell, about an hour into my imprisonment, to see why I hadn’t pick up. She was startled when she saw me sitting curled up in a ball. We laughed for a while about my situation and then she had to go eat dinner down the street….so I stayed and she left.

Finally around 6:40pm my tica mom pulled up. She looked puzzled when she saw me sitting. I told her what had happened and she proceeded to tell me that she was down the street the whole time in her mother’s house!

Haha, not exactly the night I had planned but it taught me a lesson—always make sure you have your keys!!!!

(I took this picture during my 2 hours….


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