Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Saprissa vs. La Liga Soccer Game

I got to go to a Saprissa vs. La Liga soccer game this weekend! It was wild…and sort of dangerous but I’m really glad I got to go. I went with a friend and his Tico brothers, and then a friend from his school and her Tica sister. We took a few buses to get to the area called Tibas (I think) where the “estadio” or stadium, was. It was somewhat of a sketchy area and there were police ready for anything that got out of control but luckily there were just a ton of crazy fans. It was Saprissa’s stadium so the majority of the fans were all decked out in their white and purple gear. There was one section in the stands for “Ultimo Morado” fans….the Ultimate Purple fans who sang, “Vamos…vamos morados….esta noche….tenemos a ganar” for 3 hrs straight! At the beginning everyone in the crowd was given toilet paper to throw on the field. It got everyone siked up at the beginning but then during the game people continued to throw the paper and they had to stop the game every one in a while to pick it up off of the goalie’s net. The game was for the most part entertaining but it ended in a tie. I’ve never really followed soccer before but I feel like I know more about the universal sport. The Liga fans had their own small corner but they were far from the Saprissa fans….they were all screaming really foul stuff when the other team came on the field. So much for friendly competition! -CM

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Janc'z said...

Just one thing: Saprissa's fans are called "Ultra Morada" and not Ultimo... glad to know you enjoyed your visit!